A great journey
has come to an end

LittleBitz transfers its knowledge, and lessons to GiveDirectly

In 2018 LittleBitz set off with the ambition to give people living in poverty a chance of a better life, by introducing an innovative giving concept. The LittleBitz platform coupled new  methods of digital donating to direct, unconditional cash transfers, with the aim to attract  new generations of donors.

During the last few years, the LittleBitz team has been on an intense journey, together with great partner organisations and individuals. Together, we have learned important lessons and gained deep insights. We have launched several products and built a strong network of supporters and ambassadors.  

We have also learned that our goal, for now, has proven to be too ambitious - at this point and under the current circumstances - for one small organisation to realise. We are grateful that some of our ideas and efforts have found application in the real world.  

The challenge we faced was two-fold. First, it is complex and very costly to introduce new methods of frictionless digital donating at scale - not in the least because it entails behavioural change.  Second, the concept of direct giving of unconditional cash is, as an alternative to traditional charity, the new “kid on the block”. Donating is first and foremost still a matter of generating a so-called ‘warm glow’ feeling, prioritising the familiar and local over the effective and far away needs.


As a foundation, LittleBitz has closed down. However, we are very pleased that our energy and efforts have not been to waste. On our journey, we have been consistently impressed with the non-profit GiveDirectly's clear, science-based approach to direct giving. They are now operational in 9 countries, and have delivered over $300M across the last decade. 

We will be sharing our lessons learned and our network with GiveDirectly to help them  generate increased appeal and awareness in The Netherlands and the EU. Please check out their work at www.givedirectly.org.


Since the launch of our payment request app, zetje.org, we’ve generated a small but enthusiastic group of users. We’re currently in the process of transferring Zetje to a charity which will take on the concept and build it out as part of their brand.

Thank you

The need for a better and more effective method for helping people in need, as well as getting new generations of donors involved, is as important as ever. Innovation requires creativity and courage, as well as collaboration. We like to echo Thomas Edison, who once  said: “I haven’t failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work”. We are confident that there is great potential to make this dream come true in the near future.

We thank all our partners and supporters for sharing their ideas, energy and time and we hope to meet again on our next journey.

Take care,  

The LittleBitz team