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In this first phase, LittleBitz can be added through QR codes and iDeal payment. We will gradually add more payment methods.

Yes, it is. You can start right away: you just need to download the app.

Our goal is to create a new way of giving, to support those who need it the most, in a direct and transparent way.

In the first phase you will be able to support Syrian refugees in Jordan and help them rebuild their future locally. In the near future we will be adding new groups and countries.

A vital part of being recognized as a refugee is Refugee Status Determination, or RSD. This is the legal or administrative process by which governments or UNHCR determine whether a person seeking international protection is considered a refugee under international, regional or national law. States have the primary responsibility for determining the status of asylum-seekers, but UNHCR may do so where states are unable or unwilling. In recent years, due to changes in volumes and patterns of forced displacement, the refugee agency has been required to conduct RSD in more countries than before and for a greater number of people.

To enable/disable push notifications on your Android phone, open the settings and tap application manager. Scroll down to LittleBitz and select/deselect the “show notifications” option. To enable/disable push notifications on your iPhone, open your device’s settings and tap notifications. Select LittleBitz to enable/disable push notifications.

You can download the app from the App Store and from Google Play.

You will receive a notification once your donation has been received. On average this takes up to two weeks. You need to have agreed to receive push notifications.

This is a very important issue to us. Both your data and the data of the displaced people are of great concern. As the information we share on our application concerns a very vulnerable group of people, we have taken sufficient measures to protect their personal information with regard to the information that we disclose to convey proper adherence to current privacy legislation. In our terms of use and privacy policy we provide more details.

Open the Settings, choose Profile and click delete account.

LittleBitz is a social start-up, powered by committed individuals and supported by sponsor organizations and networks from the public and the private sector. We are a non-profit foundation with an ANBI status based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. To ensure systematic innovation for lasting impact, our initiative is designed to make a real difference today while serving as a proven model for tomorrow.

Yes, we have ANBI registration, as Stichting LittleBitz

When you delete your account, your balance will be allocated to an individual of our choice.

The LittleBitz foundation is funded by social investors and foundations. In addition, we receive pro bono support from our partners on a wide range of topics. We don't take commission or a percentage from the donations.

LittleBitz has a clear vision on privacy and data protection. LittleBitz is aware of the (privacy and data protection) risks inherent to its field of work and therefore continuously strives for full GDPR-compliance. The framework of LittleBitz’ activities exposes LittleBitz and its partners to limited privacy and data protection-risks. These are explained in more detail in our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

In the fist phase LittleBitz will connect donors in the Netherlands to displaced people in Jordan. We want to broaden the scope on both sides in 2019.

It takes on average two weeks for your donation to reach its destination. The reason for this is that the money needs to be transferred to a secure bank account in Jordan, made available to the refugee, who gets a notification to withdraw the money from a nearby ATM with iris-scan recognition.

LittleBitz connects donors and displaced people worldwide. The lives of over 65 million people are temporarily put on hold, due to war, disaster or persecution. They deserve our help to realize their plans, ideas and dreams. With LittleBitz you can now personally support them in building a sustainable future in their region: one-on-one, giving cash directly to someone who needs it the most. By accepting all methods of payment, enabling loyalty program conversions and QR codes, we provide an easy way to build up your LittleBitz account by fully integrating it into your chosen daily digital transactions.

LittleBitz is what we like to call a 'social currency' and it has the same function as credits. They are a good way to represent different incoming values and easy to allocate to various contexts.

Yes, with a couple of euros someone can buy food or get access to better healthcare. Moreover, as a digital platform we can potentially reach great numbers of donors, further increasing the donations.

Yes, although the first version of the app does not have the recurring function built in. For now, you'll have to donate on a monthly basis from your timeline.

Almost everything. We have agreed with our partners to waiver their costs and we will not take any percentage from your donation. The only costs incurred are those for your iDeal transferred to your profile. These costs lie with our PSP partner which offers its services under a discount.

The individuals shown in the app come from a trusted and verified database, called RAIS and managed by the UNHCR (The UN Refugee Agency). From this database ca. 9.000 Syrian displaced people in Jordan are connected to the platform. This group consists of families and children, as well as single women, who have been registered by the UNHCR . Out of the main database, the most vulnerable are selected.

You will receive a notification when the donation has been transferred. To receive this notification, you should have enabled receiving push notifications. Furthermore, we have a contractual agreement with the UNHCR stating that they will deliver the donation to the person of choice. Finally, we will report on it.

The UNHCR stands for the office of the United Nations High Commissioner for refugees and is the UN agency with the mandate to protect refufees. For more information please visit

We have developed an application that ensures equal opportunity. After each time a donation has been made, the app renews the list of possible recipients. Also, when a recipient has received a predetermined amount of money, their profiles won’t be visible for a period of time to avoid concentrations of large sums. After the donation has been made by a donor, the recipient receives a notification that there is money waiting for him/her. The recipient then collects the received allocated cash. Subsequently, a confirmation is sent to the donor.

The LittleBitz app is mobile-based; we ask for your phone number to be able to show your balance, inform you on your donation and enable you to share your donation activities with others

LittleBitz is an initiative of a diverse group of people, from both the public and private sector, who are of the opinion that the dual challenge of the humanitarian crisis and lack digital solutions needs to be adressed. The current board members represent the wide variety of backgrounds and interests.

We would love to welcome you as a member of our test user community. Please send an email to You can also involve your company. Just drop us a line as well!

If you have a question that was not answered here, please email your question to and we will respond to you as soon as possible. If we receive multiple questions about a similar topic, we will add that topic to this FAQ so that it is easily accessible to other people.

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