About us

How are we different?

Donating made as easy as possible. By accepting all payment methods, enabling loyalty program conversions, ‘digital change’ and LittleBitz QR cards you can collect your LittleBitz easily, fully integrated in your daily life, while receiving updates on your donations.

The platform is digital which therefore helps to keep costs low. An algorithm ensures equal opportunity within the databases of displaced people. LittleBitz will deliver unconditional cash to recipients of choice. Once the cash has reached its destination, you receive an automatic notification in the app.

Share the action of your donation directly through social media, invite friends and family to join and help even more with the support.  By displaying information about the circumstances of displaced people, you will also be better informed and more aware of the current situation.

Empowering individuals on both ends, cash transfer helps incurring self-esteem. Your donation goes to actual person, chosen according to your own preferences. We believe that every individual has their own qualities and talents and that it's up to them to decide how to live their lives. Making use of digital technology to provide cash transfers will empower displaced individuals.

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We empower people by acknowledging their autonomy

We believe that every individual has their own qualities and talents and that it's up to them to decide how to live their lives. Making use of digital technology to provide financing cash transfers will empower displaced individuals.

Connecting through technology

We believe that making a connection can be most impactful when real people with real dreams and real concerns meet. By linking individuals digitally, we may contribute to solving societal problems on a global level, providing support where  it’s most needed.

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We aim for a network effect

We aim for a network effect

Private sector parties and individuals drive each other’s engagement.
As more private sector parties join, so will the number of individuals and vice versa.

Larger donations base attracts more local partners
More NGO's and locally active partners will join as they see the potential of LittleBitz as an attractive alternative to supplement their own fund raising.

Increased diversity of donation targets drives engagement…
As more displaced people are in reach, via local partners connected to the platform, more private sector parties and individuals join the platform.

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Powered by LittleBitz

LittleBitz aims to be the preferred system for online donations to humanitarian causes, from individual to individual.

LittleBitz wants to transform fundraising by empowering donors, NGO’s, platforms and retailers worldwide to fundraise and distribute cash in an easy, more efficient and gratifying way.

LittleBitz is an organization which connects millions of people and helps fight cynicism by creating transparency around progress and facts.

The organization

LittleBitz is a social start-up, powered by committed individuals and supported by sponsors, organisations and networks from the public and the private sector. We are a non-profit foundation with ANBI status based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

Our team

Neelie Kroes

Neelie Kroes

Chair of the board

Former European Commissioner for Digital Agenda, Chair Public Policy Advisory Board
Pepijn van Dijk

Pepijn van Dijk


Former director VSO and De Publieke Zaak
Robert Carsouw

Robert Carsouw

Secretary of the board

Senior Partner McKinsey & Company
Robert Carsouw

Robert Verwaaijen

Treasurer of the board

Partner Keen Ventures Partners
Neelie Kroes

Jan Bouke Wijbrandi

Board member

Former director Unicef Netherlands and Oxfam Novib
Pepijn van Dijk

Michel Schaeffer

Board member

Former CEO fonQ, former marketing director bol.com
Pepijn van Dijk

Steven Schuurman

Board member

Entrepreneur, founder Elastic, Atlantis Entertainment and Stichting Future NL
Pepijn van Dijk

Yannick du Pont

Board member

Founder and CEO Spark