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Our challenges

War, natural disaster and persecution has caused over 65 million people to flee their homes. Over 20 million of them are refugees. 50% are children. Millions more are displaced within their own country. We are having trouble finding effective solutions to support them. 88% of the Dutch population gives to charity, but younger generations aren’t actively looking for a cause and need to be triggered. Traditional donation methods are less effective as new ways of giving grow significantly faster.

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Our mission

The lives of millions are temporarily put on hold due to war, disaster or persecution. LittleBitz supports forcibly displaced people in building a sustainable economic future in their region, through contributing to the realization of their plans, ideas and dreams. The LittleBitz platform triggers a new generation in providing financial support in an easy, personal, and contemporary way.

A platform connecting displaced people and donors worldwide


Donating made as easy as possible, becoming fully integrated in daily online habits. We deploy fin-and-social technology for a modern day solution of giving & introduce
 a digital currency: LittleBitz

On the right terms

With mobile phones at both ends, we connect individuals in a direct and transparent manner. By leveraging local infrastructures from reliable (international) parties, we ensure safe cash donations at minimal costs, no strings attached.

Through understanding and connection

The digital nature
 of the platform allows connections between individuals to be established based on profiles and preferences. By displaying information about the situation of displaced people, donors will be better informed and more aware.

Increasing individual freedom and build a local economic future

To successfully realise the dreams of the most vulnerable displaced people, we strive to help them build a local economic future. LittleBitz aims to provide unconditional cash, which increases individual freedom and self-esteem.

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