Who said you have to be Bill Gates
to be a philanthropist?

Helping people isn’t just reserved for governments, celebrities and NGOs.
Everybody can help someone in need.

With LittleBitz you send little bits of cash directly to those who need it the most - and help them rebuild their future. Human to human, effective and without hassle.

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Hack for Good

Our very first "Hack for Good" event was a great success. After the introductions from Neelie and Pepijn, brains started cracking during the brainstorming sessions. How can we make people use the platform for direct giving? More events coming up!

Our causes


Support a Syrian refugee in Jordan

Nearly 6 million Syrians have fled their country. Almost 90% of refugees finds shelter in their own region; Jordan alone has welcomed around one million Syrian refugees. They have little access to work or money. All little bits help.

Contrary to popular belief, the vast majority of refugees live outside the camps. Half of the people affected are children. The best solution to the problem is giving them refuge on home ground, not only from a humanitarian point of view, but also in view of preventing an even larger stream of refugees entering Europe.  With cash assistance they can start rebuilding their future.

Our first project connects thousands of Syrian refugees in Jordan to new donors. We use a trustworthy and verified UNHCR database, and uphold all privacy rules. Once the money has been transferred to Jordan, the refugees receive a sms inviting them to collect the money. Within two weeks they can collect the money from an ATM, using an iris scan technique, for which no bank account is needed.
Coming soon

Provide a basic income to a family in Kenya

Your donation will support a Kenyan family living in extreme poverty by providing them funds that they can use to enrich their lives, in whatever way they choose. This basic income will help them change their life.

GiveDirectly is leading the world's largest and longest term experiment to date studying the effects of a Universal Basic Income.

As part of this $30M project, GiveDirectly has already distributed millions of dollars to 20,000 individuals living across 197 villages, and an additional 100 villages have been surveyed as a control group. Some individuals will receive payments for 12 years, and the full study will last at least that long, but initial results are expected in 2020.

Universal Basic Income could be monumentally important in the fight to eradicate poverty, but more research and evidence is needed. Help support and expand that research – at a minimum, you’ll help get money into the hands of thousands of the poorest families on the planet.
Coming soon

Give Kenyan mothers access to healthcare

Many mothers living in rural areas can use financial support to take care of their family’s health, so that they no longer need to postpone a doctor’s visit due to a lack of money. Being healthy gives them the chance to build a better future.

We believe that access to healthcare, whenever and wherever you are, is a basic human right. Yet even today, many people are excluded from vital medical services, especially in Africa. Traditional development aid often fails to reach those who live in the most remote areas and a significant part of donation money leaks away to overhead.

The system needs to change and we believe our technology can do that. Support from one person to the other, directly by mobile phone, that empowers Africa’s poorest to take good care of their health and build a decent future for themselves and their families.

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